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stainless steel tiles for kitchen cabinets

We Indians use stainless steel utensils very habitually in our kitchen routine. In fact, we see many ladies around us who are very fond of stainless steel utensils and fill their kitchen with more unwanted steel stuff. If that stainless steel is used as tiles in our kitchen….what say?

Metal Tiles usage is increasing as they are sleek and undoubtedly stylish and scratch-resistant. Metals can be steel, titanium, brass and copper. These tiles come in various shapes like mosaic, diamond, round and rectangle.

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Stainless Steel Tiles for Kitchen Cabinets:

Stainless Steel tiles are easy to clean and resist from scratches. It is also durable and it looks like brand new once we clean it. I am not that much fond of steel in my kitchen, but after seeing these pictures I am fascinating this kind of kitchen.

Showcasing few Kitchen Cabinets:

Pic Credits: Pic 7 – Arch Interior Design Group by Christopher Grubb, Pic 8 – Patrick Baglino Jr

Disclaimer: Pics are featured on PepperyBlend. Copyright respective owners.


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