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soulflower light me up soap review

Today I am reviewing Chemical free and Vegan Soap ~ Soulflower Light Me Up Soap. These are my honest reviews after using the soap for 1 month. Generally, I prefer chemical free soaps. I have been using different flavours of Soulflower soaps every now and then since few years and like the fragrances of their soaps. I feel so refreshed and guiltfree (for not using chemicals like parabens, SLS on my skin) when I use chemical free handmade soaps. 

Skin is the most exposed part to sunlight, dust and several other weather changes. These cause skin cell deterioration that results in dark spots, pigmentation, acne, ageing and several other issues. You have to be very cautious while using harsh chemicals to your skin.

soulflower light me up soap review

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Soulflower Light Me Up Soap Ingredients:

Sandalwood, Almond Oil, Vitamin E, Gram flour, Tanaka powder, Turmeric Powder, Neem, Basil, Essential oils and leaves of peppermint, Lemon juice, Orange peel, Glycerin, Aqua, Saponified oils of Coconut, Olive, Palm and its kernel.

soulflower light me up soap review

soulflower light me up soap reviewHow to Use the Soap:

For better results gently rub the soap in a circular motion and keep on the skin for a few minutes. This removes dry dead skin. Suitable for all skin types.

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What does Soulflower promise:

Soulflower Light Me Up soap is a combination of several natural herbs that have been used over the ages for fair, beautiful skin. Restore skin moisture and rejuvenate skin cells. Boost skin tone & diminish wrinkles.

My Review after using 1 month:  


  1. Soap fragrance just stole my heart. It has mild combination fragrance of sandalwood and almond. The bathroom also smells heavenly for few days. 
  2. Soap removes all dirt and dead skin. You can feel smooth skin after bathing.
  3. I have pigmentation marks around my mouth. They have lightened.
  4. My skin blemishes and few dark spots have reduced.
  5. Tanaka powder is a bark and people in Myanmar use it for sun protection. I have used Tanaka powder as face pack previously and it works wonders. It glows and lightens your skin colour. Soulflower uses Tanaka powder in this soap.


  1. Soap consists turmeric, so when we keep it on the face for few minutes, we feel burning sensation. Those who are sensitive to turmeric should avoid this soap.
  2. Soap have scrub texture. So we can not rub it on face directly. Use its foam and rub on the face.
  3. You have to cut the soap into 2 pieces and use them. 
  4. Your skin feels a bit dry after using it, hence it is better to avoid it in winters. This soap is apt for people with oily skin and combination skin.
  5. I feel the price is a bit high. Rs 400 for a soap is too much.
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My Final Verdict: These are my personal opinions on this soap. Each person has different skin requirements. So you have to look into the ingredients used in the soap which may be allergic to your skin. People with sensitive skin should avoid this. So please look out for your skin requirements and try this soap.

Will I buy The Soap Again: Yes, definitely. Even though it is a bit high in price, it is lasting more than a month for me. Also, it is reducing my pigmentation, dark spots and blemishes on my skin

My Rating:  4.7/5  (I am reducing 1 point for price, 1 point for little burning sensation and 1 point for soap size)


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