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pappula podi roasted chana dal gun powder 1

Pappula Podi is a gun powder recipe. Puffed Chana along with red chilli, jeera and other spices is ground to powder.

Pappula Podi or Roasted Chana Dal Gun Powder is a Rayalaseema recipe. Each region has their own gunpowder recipes like Buddala Podi (Groundnut or Palli Podi, we call them buddalu in Rayalaseema 🙂 ), Karivepaku Podi, Nuvvula Podi, Kobbari Podi, Nalla Karam Podi (coastal Andhra recipe). 

During marriages, this podi and mamidikaya chutney (mango pickle) will be the first and the foremost recipes to be prepared in bulk quantity and stored at home. Because pappula podi is used as side dish for tiffins like Upma, Borugula Uggani (famous Rayalaseema breakfast which is made with puffed rice). This podi can also be sprinkled on dosas, idlis along with ghee. This podi along with Ulli Karam and ghee are spread on dosa which is famously known as Rayalaseema Karam Dosa.

Freshly prepared Pappula Podi will be very tasty when eaten with hot rice and ghee. This is an oil-free recipe so the health conscious people can use it without guilt.

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pappula podi roasted chana dal gun powder


Roasted Chana Dal Gun Powder Recipe:



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Pappula podi putnala pappu podi roasted chana dal gun powder


  1. Roast Red Chilli with or without little oil in a kadai on low flame and cool it.
  2. Transfer it to the mixer jar, add jeera, dry coconut, rock salt and grind them to a fine powder.
  3. Add pappulu or roasted chana dal and garlic pods to the jar and grind it to little coarse powder.
  4. Cool it and store it in an air-tight container.
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Recipe Notes:

  1. Do not burn red chilli, do it in very low flame.
  2. First, grind red chilli and then add pappulu as red chilli will not grind well when all are ground together.
  3. Some sieve this podi to get a fine texture but I like it little coarsely.
  4. You can use this for 3-4 weeks.
  5. Some do not grind grated coconut, just mix it at the end.

pappula podi roasted chana dal gun powder 1



Papppula Podi Preparation in Pictures:

pappula podi putnala pappu podi roasted chana dal gun powderpappula podi putnala pappu podi roasted chana dal gun powder


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