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orange peel and lemon peel for face

What are you doing with lemon and orange peel after juicing them? Simply throwing them in the dustbin. Next time, don’t throw them. You can do the best out of the waste.

Keep them in a plate and sun-dry the peels after using them. If the sun is too hot, you may need 2-3 days. In winter season it may take a week. After drying them, crush them into small pieces and put it in a mixer. Grind the dried orange peel into a fine powder and store it in an airtight container.

orange peel and lemon peel for face

Now, what can you do with this orange and lemon peel powder?

Orange Peel and Lemon Peel as Bath Powder:

Yes, the orange peel powder can be used in bathing powder, which gives very refreshing feeling after bathing.

Orange Peel Bath Powder Recipe: 


3 tbsp Gram Flour 

1/2 tsp Kasturi Pasupu/Kasturi Manjal/Kasturi Turmeric 

1 tsp Orange and Lemon Peel Powder 

1 tsp Curd 


Mix all above ingredients with little water and make a paste. While bathing wet your body and apply this paste all over the body. Scrub the paste gently and rinse it off with water.

You can feel the smoothness after bathing. Apply any chemical-free moisturiser or aloe vera gel (Just Herbs and Rustic Art Aloe vera Gel would be great. Aloe vera Gel also removes pimple marks and blemishes).

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orange peel and lemon peel for face

Orange and Lemon Peels can also be used in herbal teas. Now let’s learn how to make a herbal tea. I personally like orange peels, and feel that lemon peels leave little bitter taste when added in herbal tea.

Lemon and Orange Peel Herbal Tea:

For some reason, I hate green tea. But everyone around says that green tea is good for health. So I was trying hard to find variations to drink this green tea. My SIL (brother’s wifey, my brother and SIL are both vegans, hence they try different new diary-free recipes all the time) suggested me this recipe of herbal tea. You can add your own variations.


1 glass Plain water

1/4 tsp Dhania/Coriander Seeds 

1/4 tsp Saunf/Fennel seeds 

5-6 Mint Leaves 

1/2 inch Crushed Ginger 

4-5 pieces Lemon and Orange Peels

2 pinches Green Tea 


Add plain water to a tea pot and keep it on the stove. Now, add dhania, saunf, mint and ginger to the water and boil it for 5-6 mins on medium flame. Now switch off the stove, add green tea, orange peels and cover the tea pot with lid. Rest it for 5 mins. Strain the tea into a cup, add honey and lemon as per your taste. If you are a vegan, you can add brown sugar.

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Notes:  You can replace dhania, saunf with rose petals, pomegranate peels, marigold leaves, tulsi leaves, basil leaves or anything of your choice. Try this herbal tea, those who hate bitterness of green tea will definitely love this.

Lemon and Orange Peel Face pack:


1 tbsp Lemon and Orange Peel Powder 

1 tbsp Powdered Oats 

1 tsp Rose water

1/2 tsp Honey 

1 tsp Yoghurt 


Mix all ingredients and make a paste, if required you can add a little water. Wash your face, dab it with a towel and apply this paste all over the face including neck area. Let it dry. Wash the face by lightly scrubbing the paste. You can feel the soft and glowing skin.

Notes: This face pack is worth trying. It works wonder after continuous usage.

After knowing these many benefits about lemon peels and orange peels, I hope you will not throw them away. Beauty is not about buying costly cosmetics and applying chemicals to your body and face. Beauty is all about natural ingredients which are available in our kitchen.


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