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homemade hair oil for hair growth

Homemade Hair Oil for Hair Fall – Onions, Curry Leaves Coconut Hair Oil:

Nowadays hair fall has become a common issue for everyone. This could be due to stress which we are facing in daily life, pollution, food which is grown with many pesticides, also we hardly find time to take care of our hair. Upon all these, we use harsh chemicals like oils, shampoos, gels, perfumes etc to treat our hair.

How to deal with this hair fall? First, let’s discuss how the hair was taken care in good old days.

How was hair taken care in good old days?

Indian women are known for lustrous and voluminous hair.
In old days, everything was organically grown and home made. The oil used to be virgin coconut oil which was cold pressed. Cold Pressed oils have more benefits rather than commercially made oils processed under high temperatures.
People used to apply oil to the hair more frequently (you can see women in vintage pics with well combed black hair 🙂 ) They used to massage the hair leisurely penetrating the roots to grow healthier. For oiling, the hair cold pressed virgin coconut oil, sesame oil, castor oil were used.
For cleaning reetha, shikakai, hibiscus leaves, gram flour, wheat flour cooked like kanji with little tamarind ( we call that Godhuma AMBALI, and you can get very soft hair with this method), fenugreek seeds, some places black mud etc were used as a natural shampoo to clean hair.
In Tamilnadu ARAPPU (its botanical name is albizia amara) leaves are powdered and used as natural hair shampoo.

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How to take care of hair in present days?

Try to avoid chemicals as much as possible. Prolonged and continuous usage of shampoo leads to many side effects like hair fall, greying hair, oiliness or dryness of hair and scalp, skin irritations etc.

Apply warm oil twice a week and massage it thoroughly. Use virgin and organic coconut oil, sesame oil or castor oil for hair. We need to put a little effort to clean the hair with natural shampoos but they are worth trying.

Believe me, I have used shampoo only after my graduation. Till then I was using only gram flour, kunkudukayi (soapnuts), wheat ambali for my hair. Maybe because of that, I don’t have grey hair even though I am nearing my forties 🙂

Here is the recipe of a homemade hair oil which I have seen on a website and tried it.

Onions, Curry Leaves Coconut Hair Oil:

This recipe will stop the hair fall and help in growing new hair. This hair oil is tried and tested. I have seen hair fall has reduced since few weeks after using this oil. Everything we use for this recipe is available in the kitchen.

Note: This recipe is adapted from here


Organic Coconut Oil – half litre
Medium sized Onion – 1
Small Onions – 5
Curry leaves – 1 cup
Garlic – 5 pods
Methi seeds – 1 tbsp (soaked in water for 3 hours)

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Homemade Hair Oil Recipe:

  • Except for coconut oil, chop all ingredients put them in a mixer and make a nice paste.
  • Transfer the grinded paste into a Kadai, and add oil to it.
  • Note: Please use big and heavy bottom Kadai as the oil will spill out. I have used small Kadai and have to stand by its side mixing it till end which was too tiring 🙁
  • Simmer the gas and cook till bubbles stop.
  • Now the oil will be almost black in colour, cool and strain the oil
  • Store it in a glass jar.
  • Apply the oil thoroughly on the entire scalp at night and clean the hair in the morning.

Oil Making Procedure in Pictures:

I have used this virgin and organic cold pressed coconut oil which I got from my MIL from our village.

homemade hair oil for hair growth

homemade hair oil for hair growth

homemade hair oil for hair growth

homemade hair oil for hair growth

homemade hair oil for hair growth

homemade hair oil for hair growth

homemade hair oil for hair growth

homemade hair oil for hair growth

Disclaimer: Even natural products will not suit all people, so please prepare it in small quantity and test it. If it works for you, then make it in large quantity. 

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