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chintakaya chutney raw tamarind chuntey rayalaseema recipe

Chintakaya Chutney is one of the most age-old recipes made with raw tamarinds. Normally pickles are fermented in oil, but amazingly this is an oil-free fermented pickle

Usually in Telugu families during tamarind season, raw tamarinds are ground along with turmeric, rock salt, fenugreek seeds (some people even add green chillies) without adding water and made a coarse paste (check out Chintakaya Thokku recipe) and store them year long in clay pots or ceramic jars called Pachadi Jaadilu. This Chintakaya Thokku lasts for many years when we take proper care (like storing them in ceramic jars or clay pots, not touching it with wet hands etc..). But the fresher it is, the tastier. In Rayalaseema, every household has this stored in bulk quantity. 

Read how to make basic Chintakaya Thokku Recipe

chintakaya chutney raw tamarind chuntey rayalaseema recipe


This chutney tastes yummy along with Jonna Sankati (Jowar Porridge), Pappu Annam (dal rice). You can have different variations of chutneys by adding Dosakaya(keera), Budamakaya (everyone say it dosakaya in other parts of telugu states), Onion or Radish to this basic Chintakaya Thokku. 

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Chintakaya Chutney Recipe:


For Grinding:



For Tadka:



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  1. Grind all the ingredients given under grinding section to a fine paste. (I prefer chutneys to be coarse)
  2. Add Oil to Kadai, add hing and fry till it splutters.
  3. Now add jeera, mustard seeds, urad dal.
  4. When they turn red, add red chillies and curry leaves.
  5. Now add diced budamkaya with a little salt and fry for 2 minutes. No need to overcook it. 
  6. Add ground chintakaya chutney to this mixture, mix well and switch off the flame.
  7. Serve it with hot rice and desi ghee.
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Recipe Notes:

  1. You can either fry green chillies with/without oil or you can use raw ones.
  2. This chutney tastes good after a day or two as the sour taste of chutney blends well with budamkaya pieces.
  3. You can replace budamkaya with radish, onions or keera.
  4. I use MDH Hing, it comes in small packages and aroma is very good. It is in granule form so I grounded it to powder. Always buy hing/asafoetida in small quantity.

chintakaya chutney raw tamarind chuntey rayalaseema recipe

chintakaya chutney raw tamarind chuntey rayalaseema recipe

chintakaya chutney raw tamarind chuntey rayalaseema recipe

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