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Hello, I am Hema Sravanthi from Hyderabad. The meaning of my name is “Golden Flow”. Blogging is my passion and doing it for the past 7 years. My other blog is image-based (, so wanted to write up something in fields of my interest and hence started this blog.

I will be chronicling only my views, my ideas and my thoughts.

My husband is a User Interface developer and he provides me with technical support. I am blessed with two little munchkins whom I will be mentioning in few posts as Parni (daughter Krishna Parnika, meaning “auspicious to God Krishna”) and Vash (son Vasisht, the name of one of the seven Saptarishis).

I hail from Rayalaseema region of AP. Rayalaseema region is famed for millet based cooking. My recipes will be mainly from that region. Being a food enthusiast I love trying new cuisines from different regions as well. Those which I feel are worth trying will be showcased in my blog. Check them out in RECIPES section.

I believe in natural and chemical-free living, so most of my posts are about natural and organic products. I am a Do-It-Yourself fanatic and I will be sharing them on the DIY page in Interiors. I will be sharing natural beauty tips, chemical-free product reviews, natural tips for health issues.

I love Indian Handlooms, so will be showcasing the best which I have encountered on different platforms. You can even check out few of my posts on Indian Artisans here.

I will be showcasing the products which I like under SHOP section. You can shop the products in shopping page.

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